Cedar International Academy NPC is committed to creating a pleasant, Christian environment wherein all students and staff are encouraged to demonstrate: integrity, honesty, respect, responsible citizenship, academic excellence and Bible-based moral values.


Cedar International Academy NPC strives to:

  • provide affordable superior tuition to students from disadvantaged groups in South Africa and elsewhere,
  • sustain an environment that is conducive to learning while promoting a climate of mutual respect that encourages life-long learning and understanding,
  • encourage decision-making that is based on biblical integrity,
  • highlight a rigorous study approach with emphasis on research and distinctive academic dialogue,
  • demonstrate teaching excellence by an ethical, competent and professional faculty who are dedicated to furthering the institution's mission,
  • hold students accountable to the pursuit of excellence for the purpose of character development,
  • offer programs which lead to undergraduate qualifications and graduate degrees in a range of disciplines at a residential environment, supplemented by distance learning and professional development opportunities,
  • contribute to the international society through the pursuit of education, learning and training solutions, with knowledge and research on par with global levels of excellence.