Welcome to Cedar International Academy

Inspired by the pursuit of knowledge, innovation and excellence, Cedar creates a multicultural milieu established on the mission and vision of the institution. Committed to engaging with scientific practice and scholarship in a diverse society, Cedar provides educational services, preparing students to be effective teachers in the 21st Century.  

Cedar equips graduates to be role models in their communities, demonstrating integrity, honesty, respect and responsibility whilst taking on leadership roles within a changing society. Cedar’s goal is to develop in students a commitment to what is true, honourable and consistent with the highest values of SA and the Word of God.


A Strong Foundation

Grounded in the truths and values
of God’s word.

Supported Learning

Programmes are current and rigorous. Teaching is responsive to student needs, the external environment and global change.

Ready to Serve

Cedar graduates are equipped to serve God and their communities, leading purposeful lives.