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Educating teachers is a multifaceted task. The vision of Cedar International Academy NPC (Cedar) is to train teachers, equipping them with the necessary skills to make a difference in their communities. The spiritual grounding and growth of a person is at the core of all teaching and learning experiences. Within this context, students are provided with quality education in a safe and supportive environment to encourage spiritual and academic progress. Cedar is a distinctly Christian organisation, founded on the understanding that the Bible is the Word of God and the basis for every activity and behaviour.

During 2021, Cedar became an independent private provider of higher education. The institution has provisional registration until 31 December 2024. Cedar operates as a ministry of KwaSizabantu Mission subject to the principles and values of the Mission. Cedar is registered in accordance with the provisions of section 54(6)(b) of the Act and Regulation 16.

The task of selecting a suitable education provider is not to be taken lightly. We encourage you to browse the website ( providing an overview of what Cedar has to offer. Below you will find an online form to submit your application. Applications for 2023 can be submitted before 30 November 2022.

Your application will only be considered if you have achieved a Bachelor’s Pass and can produce a verified certificate as evidence. If you are still completing Grade 12 and have not yet received a Bachelor’s Pass certificate, you can still go ahead and submit an enrolment application. Cedar may provide you with a provisional enrolment agreement, subject to a Bachelor’s Pass being produced in due time. However, should a Bachelor’s Pass certificate not be forth coming, the provisional enrolment agreement will automatically become void.

Subject to these requirements, you may fill in the following online application form and submit it to Cedar administration for consideration.

We look forward to providing you with valuable education opportunities.

If you need more information on our enrolment process, please follow this link.

See our Fee Schedule for 2023 here.

Applications for 2023 are open until 30 November 2022