Student Support Services

Cedar International Academy NPC (hereafter called Cedar) is committed to supporting students as they work towards fulfilling their academic and personal potential. The Cedar community comes together to facilitate learning within a culture that creates a supporting and enriching environment so that all are able to develop and achieve their goals. Cedar recognises that student development and learning can be affected by a broad range of factors that can adversely impact progress and success. Subsequently, Cedar seeks to identify and address barriers to learning and development whilst providing meaningful and relevant support to each student. This occurs within a partnership framework in which students are responsible for their own learning, while being actively supported by Cedar.

For more information, read through our Student Support Services Policy

Health and Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of Cedar employees and students is also of utmost importance to the successful running of Cedar. A healthy workforce and student body results in high levels of productivity and consistent attendance, lower absenteeism, fewer accidents, decreased health issues and increased retention rates resulting in greater long-term efficiencies. Since health and wellbeing has such an extensive impact on many other areas of life, Cedar's health and wellness management is guided by several policies, focusing on the fulfillment of employees' and students' needs. Whilst Cedar’s main business and primary focus is on educational development, social, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical needs are also taken into consideration.

You can read more about that in our Health and Wellbeing Policy